Domain Name


What is a Domain Name and Why we need a Domain Name ?

If you are planning to create a website may be you will come up with this question “What is a Domain and Why we need Domain Name ?”

Domain Name is part of Network Addresses like Website Addresses, Email addresses and other Internet Protocol Address. Domain Name is a unique name that appears on your URLs that determine the name of the address of the website.

Just like Website Address, you don’t need to remember the numeric address which is the IP address to go to exact Website which you are looking for.

Naming a website is like naming a newborn child. When you are planning to have your own website, you must first thing, How you will name it. You have to choose a best Domain Name for your website.

Remember you should pick a Domain Name that is simple, relevent and that people will search for.
A good Domain Name is remembered,found and searched.

Suppose an email address
Here Onlinefunda.Com is a domain name.


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