How To Access Gmail without an Internet Connection



Nowadays, we are using G-mail for every important or small tasks, but sometimes we are not able to check any necessary mails. We are telling you the way here so that you can check your gmail account without internet connection.

After following these steps you will not have to worry any more, you can easily reply to your essential mails and reply them.

First download an extension of Google Chrome named Gmail Offline. With this extension you can check your gmail account on your desktop and laptop without internet.
To download it, you will need to type on Google Chrome, select the option option by clicking on the right side on the right side.
After going to settings, click Extensions, or go to More Tools and search for this option and click on it.
After this, you have to click on Gmail Offline in the More Extensions in the Search box.

Now add it to Chrome to install it in your desktop and laptop, after that you can easily check your mails without internet.

or Go to this link


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