How to block useless e-mail


Most e-mail users have to face this problem. People’s inbox is filled with e-mails, some of which are not of any kind of mails Those who delete many important mails at the time of deletion. We are telling you the way here, so that you can block these mails, after which you will not have to waste your time to delete these e-mails. Getting the best discount on flipkart today

  • After opening your Gmail account, you will see the sign of the arrow in the side of the search button on the right corner, click on it.

  • After that you will get a form section, please arrange any e-mail id you want to block.

  • In this form, the Create Filter option is available on the right corner, click on it, Delete.
  • After this you can check again by clicking on Create Filter, all the mails that come from the e-mail id will go to the Trash folder and will be deleted after 30 days. After this you will not get any notifications of mail coming from that ID.
  • You can choose another way to block an e-mail id, for when you open that mail, there will be an option to block an ID by clicking on it, a down arrow appears on the right side, From there you can block it.


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